Alpacas make a variety of sounds, including:

  • Humming: When alpacas are born, the mother and its child hum constantly. They also hum as a sign of distress, especially when they are separated from their herd. Alpacas may also hum if they are curious, happy, worried or cautious.
  • Snorting: Alpacas snort when another alpaca is invading their space.
  • Grumbling: Alpacas grumble to warn each other. For example, when one is invading another's personal space, it sounds like they are gurgling.
  • Clucking: Similar to a hen’s cluck, alpacas cluck when a mother is concerned for her cria. Male alpacas will cluck to signal friendly behavior.
  • Screaming: Their screams are extremely deafening and loud. They will scream when they are not handled correctly or when they are being attacked by a potential enemy.
  • Screeching: A bird-like cry, presumably intended to terrify the opponent. This sound is typically used by a male alpaca when they are in a fight over who will dominate. When a female screeches, it is more of a growl when they are angry.
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