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Please enjoy browsing through our selection of fine alpaca products, all grown, harvested and processed in Canada. Our desire is to keep our products as natural as possible. In order to avoid using dyes we only used the grey and white baby fleece to produce the hats, headbands and scarves shown below.

We only used  white and fawn fleece to make the ankle socks and the cable socks. The Terry socks are made up of all colors of fleece so there are a multitude of colors in that product ranging from grey to black and everything in between. As a result your Terry socks may not look exactly the same as the pictures below and we apologize in advance if the size and color you ordered is not available.

*UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY REQUEST US NOT TO DO SO WE WILL SHIP THE CLOSEST COLOR WE HAVE IN THE SIZE ORDERED IN THE TERRY SOCKS. Thank you for your understanding. More products and product photos will be added as available.



Thank - you in advance for choosing White Frost Alpaca Farms Ltd. Please click on the following link to complete your BULK order or your USA / INTERNATIONAL product orders.

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Made from the finest Canadian baby fleece.


Check Out These New Beanies!


For those days when a full toque is not required.


When you need to keep your neck warm.



These are the socks you need to insure you don’t get cold feet!



Perfect for using as a sport sock.



Lightweight camel colored dress socks.



Comfortable Work Socks.


Spool of Light Cone Alpaca Fibre


Spool of Dark Cone Alpaca fibre

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